Moon is Full | BEB 357

Moon is Full | BEB 357


Bruce Katz Band feat. Chris Vitarello, Don’t Feel So Good Today,

Jeremy Baum, Funky Monkey,

Rick Estrin & The Nightcats, Dissed Again,

Jason Ricci, I’m Too Strong For You,

Sugar Ray & The Bluetones, Two Hundred Dollars Long,

Little Charlie And Organ Grinder Swing, Gerontology,

Joe Moss, Big Leg Woman,

Nick Moss Band feat Dennis Gruenling, No Sense,

Charley Crockett, Burn Down Another Honky tonk,

Travelin’ Blue Kings, Straight Eight,

The Weadon Boys, High And Low,

John Mayall, The Moon Is Full,

TNEO-The New Electronic Orchestra, Cold Grey Day,

Paul Nelson, RElative Work,

Katarina Pejak, Cool Drifter,

Jim Dan Dee, Trying To Get Somewhere,

Rick Vito, She’s Just So Fine,

Boogie Beasts, Long Gone,

Jason Robert, Gotta Move,

Ina Forsman, Figure,

Vin Mott, Please, Mr. Devil,

Glen Clark, I Can Tell By Looking,

Danny Lynn Wilson, Long Way Home,

James Buddy Rogers, Can’t Get You Off My Mind,

Willa Vincitore, Money Can’t Buy It,

Trevor B. Power Band, Murder In The First Degree,

Benny Turner And Cash McCall, The Dirty Dozens,

Chris O’leary, Heartbreak Waiting To Happen,

John Nemeth, Get Offa That Butt,

Monster Mike Welch, My Baby Loves Me,

Popa Chubby, Going Downtown,

Lucky Peterson, Lifetime,

Mojomatics, Soy Baby

Many Thanks To:

We here at the Black-Eyed & Blues Show would like to thank all the PR and radio people that get us music including Frank Roszak, Rick Lusher ,Doug Deutsch Publicity Services,American Showplace Music, Alive Natural Sounds, Ruf Records, Vizztone Records,Blind Pig Records,Delta Groove Records, Electro-Groove Records,Betsie Brown, Blind Raccoon Records, BratGirl Media, Mark Pucci Media and all of the Blues Societies both in the U.S. and abroad. All of you help make this show as good as it is weekly. We are proud to play your artists.Thank you all very much!

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